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6 reasons you should live in Da Nang

Da Nang city is known as the most worth living city in Vietnam. Have you ever wondered why people call it such a beautiful name like that? Da Nang is an amazing city with not only the beautiful nature but also friendly people and culture. You should live in Da Nang once to experience the unique things that nowhere can have.

da nang city

The legend bridges in Da Nang City

Han River inside the city is not only makes a nice view and romantic place for people to walk every day but also gives people chance to make the great bridges. Da Nang has been successful when taking advantage of this river to build the bridges so that let them be the legend bridges of this city. For those who love the romantic, you should live in Da Nang because the romantic is full in the air.

Da Nang now has 4 beautiful bridges that become the attractive tourist destinations. They are Tran Thi Ly bridge, Dragon bridge, Han river bridge and Thuan Phuoc bridge. Each one has its own unique architecture. Tran Thi Ly bridge is romantic with the shape of sail forward the ocean. Dragon bridge is a hardy symbol of a dragon flying to the ocean. Han river bridge is the symbol of local people pride. And Thuan Phuoc is mystery at the bay to ocean.

da nang city

Enjoy the paradise of food in Da Nang City

Da Nang has a lot of specialties. They are cheap, diversified and very easy to find. It must be mentioned such as Quang noodle, crispy rice paper, spring roll, pancake, banh my, and so on. Those are the food people eat everyday in every meals. You live in Da Nang once to enjoy the paradise of amazing food. You can be easy to find a small store on the street that they make those kind of food in a cheap price, tasty and good quality.

A peace and clean city

It is not difficult for you to find a smiling face on the street when going across them even you don’t know who they are and they don’t you too. You should live in Da Nang city to be loved by those simple peaceful moments like that. Further more, walking on the beaches every afternoon, you will see the most peaceful scene in the world. Fisherman are drawing up nets, the boats are taking a rest after many days floating on the ocean,… It is betted that you will not see any scene more peaceful than it.

Moreover, Da Nang is one of 20 cleanest cities over the world. What else is more worthy than living in such a wonderful city like this!

Enjoy the most attractive beach on the planet

My Khe beach was voted as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes. Besides, Da Nang also has other beautiful and clean beaches such as Pham Van Dong beach, Non Nuoc beach, etc. They all are kept to be clean and safe. You should live in Da Nang to give yourself the most wonderful moments when walking on the beaches, take adventures with beach sports and so on.

da nang city

Experience the best service apartments

Da Nang nowadays is developing the service apartments for rent so that you can be easy to find a private space for a better life here. With this convenient, you should live in Da Nang city to experience the relaxing moments with full of utilities right in your living space. It is not difficult for you to find an apartment with sea view or on Han riverside, near Son Tra peninsula or in city center.

Totally, it is not difficult to say that Da Nang is the most worth living city in Viet Nam. You should live in Da Nang once to experience the most wonderful moments with a peace but modern life.