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Da Nang tour – Da Nang tour for 1 day

Da Nang is a beautiful coastal city with the most impressive beaches on the planet. Not only the beaches bring tourists to Da Nang tour but also the amazing nature beauty attracts a lot of visitors every year. Tourists can come to Da Nang for 1 week, 2 days or even only 1 day. Here are some tip for 1 day Da Nang tour that may help you.

da nang beach

Start Da Nang tour for 1 day with the fresh

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To start a Da Nang tour for 1 day, you are better to wake up early in the morning. The air is really fresh at this time here. Besides, the ocean wind will blow your sorrow away as well as make your soul pure. You should spend time to walk on the coast. It is wonderful to let yourself feel the cold sand under the foot. It will be an extremely great feeling that you have never experienced. Furthermore, if you are lucky, you can see the fisherman is harvesting in the early morning.


After a breakfast with the popular foods of local such as banh my, noodle or rice sticker, it’s time for you to start your Da Nang tour for 1 day. In the morning, the weather is good to explore Marble Moutain. It’s not too hot like in the afternoon. It’s also the freshest time in a day while there is no smoke in the air. Marble Mountains contains 5 mountains as 5 creator elements follows Eastern opinion. They are metal, wood, water, fire and soil. However, there is only Water Mountain is developed as a tourism destination due to its special.

Don’t worry about where to eat in Da Nang for lunch! There are a lot of restaurants for you to choose with a large range of price levels. The advice for lunch is that you should have Quang noodle or spring rolls with pork. Those are the most famous specialties in Da Nang that you must try.

The afternoon of 1 day Da Nang tour with local culture

The first half of afternoon time is when you can move around the city. There are many interesting and meaningful places for you to explore in Da Nang tour. You can visit Cham Museum to know more about Champa Culture of Vietnam. Or going to the market to try street foods and traditional souvenirs of local people. The most famous markets are Con market and Han market.

Son Tra is the next tourism destination you should come. Specially, Linh Ung pagoda with the highest Buddhist statue in Vietnam. From Linh Ung pagoda, you are able to have an eyesight of the whole nice city. This is where you can see the sea, mountain and the sky meet. Han River flows slowly to East Sea, Hai Van Pass are majestic and the sky is blue. You can also visit Ban Co peak, the highest point of Son Tra peninsula.

Ngu Hanh Son

After that, starting to enjoy the city at night to finish Da Nang tour for 1 day. The night city are romantic with the legend bridges, the walking streets and coffee shop or pups, bars, and so on. It will be a regret if you don’t spend time walking on Bach Dang street. It is along to Han River, romantic and beautiful.

han market

If you are worried about where to stay in Da Nang, here are some impressive homestays for you.

  • Little Flowers homestay at Hoang Duc Luong street, Son Tra distric.
  • Pura Diva homestay – Pham Kiet street, Ngu Hanh Son street.
  • Trai Dien homestay (Madhouse homestay) – Hoa Trung village, Da Nang.
  • An Nhien’s homestay (Peace homestay) – Hoang Dieu or Mai Xuan Thuong street.

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