Hoi An Town

Hoi An Tour – Hoi An Ancient town – An ancient beauty of Vietnam

Hoi An ancient town is the clearest picture of Vietnam in 17th and 18th century. To explore Hoi An, it may take a few days. And you don’t have enough time to stay in Hoi An ancient town in a couple days? Don’t worry! We will show you some tourism attractions for a wonderful and meaningful Hoi An tour in 1 day. You are able to see an overview of Hoi An as well as the most peaceful beauty of this ancient town.

Hoi An Town

A fresh morning with ancient town in Hoi An tour for 1 day

Early morning will be so peace and fresh if you are in An Bang beach. There are not too much people here at that time. Therefore you will have a lot of time to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere here. Besides, you also can let your mind be free to the deep blue ocean. After that, coming back to ancient town and trying any kind of street food here. It can be banh my, the most popular breakfast Vietnamese have. You also can have Quang noodle or Cao lau as your breakfast. Rice sticker is also the best taste on breakfast for your Hoi An tour.

Hoi An Food

You can go to Tra Que traditional vegetable village. You can enjoy the freshest air ever there. It is green, peaceful and beautiful. From Hoi An ancient town, you can drive a motorbike or a bike to this traditional village. It is a clean growing vegetable from choosing seed until harvesting process. Besides the tasty and clean vegetable, Tra Que village also has wonderful view for those who loving selfie and checkin.

Tra Que village in Hoi An
You can have lunch in Tra Que village or come back to Hoi An ancient town. There are many options for your lunch. However, for a better Hoi An tour, you should try chicken rice. If you find difficult in where to eat in Hoi An, here are some good chicken rice restaurants. Ty rice chicken, Ba Buoi rice chicken or Nga rice chicken. They three have good quality as well as high recommend on social.

A peaceful afternoon with Hoi An ancient town for Hoi An tour

In the afternoon of Hoi An tour for 1 day, you can spend time going to Thanh Ha pottery traditional village. Thanh Ha pottery village has thousands years old. The special thing makes it famous today is their process. People here still keep the secret tips in making pottery. Therefore, the quality as well as the color of products from here is so special. You cannot find any other place can make the same quality products like in Thanh Ha.

Thanh Ha pottery village in Hoi An

You can go to Hoi An market after coming back from Thanh Ha pottery village. In the market, there are so many products and foods that you should try for a better Hoi An tour. You can choose to buy tiny or traditional souvenirs here. Or try foods which is very diversified, from the popular street food to the most famous specialties of Hoi An. Then going to a coffee shop is a good idea too. Coffee shop in Hoi An is different from others. They keep the old architecture in decoration. Moreover, the drinks are fresh, clean and special due to its hand-made processing and the special ingredients.

An exciting Hoi An tour with crowded and interest night activities

After having dinner in Hoi An market, the walking street is your next destination. Hoi An ancient town at night is extremely sparkling but old. The yellow walls are lightened by the lanterns. It is an amazing beauty that you have never seen before and even then. Besides, there are many street foods sold on those streets. It would be a great experience for you to try them all. They are special, tasty and unique. Finally, finish your Hoi An tour by a boat trip on Thu Bon river and drop the floating lantern to send your wishes to creator.

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