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dog meat in Vietnam

Dog meat in Vietnam through local eyes: a dish or a culture?

The rest of the world seems to be very curious in the way Vietnamese people treat cats and dogs. Recently, many international newspapers have posted conflicting images about pets are treated in Vietnam. They sometimes see dogs who are well-dressed, loved by their owners, and have funny photos that viral on the social network. On…

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betel nuts chewing in Vietnam

Explore the culture of betel nuts chewing in Vietnam

As ancients said that a quid of betel starts a conversation, betel nuts chewing in Vietnam has always been a cultural beauty. However, this custom is not only available in Vietnam but also in other countries in Asia. So how it started in Vietnam and what’s different from neighboring nations? Betel nuts chewing in Vietnam is a…

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traditional vietnamese wedding

The cultural beauty of traditional Vietnamese wedding etiquettes

There are three ceremonies in a traditional Vietnamese wedding. Two of them are requirements and one is optional. It means the local people can skip one ceremony and do two others is still fine. Moreover, when two families choose the day for these three ceremonies, they have to pick a “good day” to hold. A “good…

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patriarchy in Vietnam

The formation and development of the patriarchy in Vietnam

The patriarchy in Vietnam is a common kinship system in which an individual’s family membership derives from and is recorded through his or her father’s lineage. It generally involves the inheritance of property, rights, names or titles by persons related through the male line. Patriarchy in Vietnam. – Source: The W The precursor of patriarchy in Vietnam…

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