Best apartment in da nang

Top beautiful view apartments in Da Nang

There are more and more people move to Da Nang to live and work in both short and long term. Therefore the demand of house increase sharply. However, it is difficult to satisfy people need while there is not enough space. Thus, choosing an apartment is the best way in those cases. Which is the best apartment in Da Nang this time? Which one you should choose to enjoy time in the most worth living city in Vietnam?

Monarchy – The best apartment in Da Nang with modern utilities

Monarchy apartment is emerging as a bright pearl on Han riverside. It has the best location in Da Nang city. It is at the intersection of 4 streets which are Tran Hung Dao, An Trung 2, An Trung 3 and Tran Quang Dieu.

Monarchy is the first garden apartment in Da Nang. It has only 40% of total area for building and the rest 60% is for park and green space.

The apartments are designed luxuriously and meticulously. Each one is made sure to be lightened naturally through windows. Furthermore, you will be satisfied with the view of romantic Han River in the early morning and colorful Tran Thi Ly or Dragon Bridge at night.

Best apartment in danang

This is known as one of the best apartment in Da Nang due to its utilities. Not only the interiors are care to be perfect but also other outdoor utilities. A large green park for you to walk everyday under the canopy of leaves. There are also swimming pool, gym, fountain and square. For those who own private transportation, there is a smart park for you so that it is more convenient and secure. Away from the facilities of adult, there is a large playground for kids, thus you can spend time with your children right in Monarchy space. One of the most important thing that make Monarchy become the best apartment in Da Nang is that it uses smarthome program to control the home facilities.

Central Coast The best apartment in Da Nang with excellent services

Being a 5 stars condotel, Central Coast is one of the best apartment in Da Nang. It is in a luxurious style. Central Coast is old but modern. The interiors and color stream reminds of long history architecture but elegance, romantic and luxury. However, it is furnished with the most modern equipment. That makes Central Coast more unique than any apartments in Da Nang.

Services is one of the most important things that Central Coast is trying to keep as best as possible. It is not only because of a 5 stars condotel, but also to be reminded as one of the best apartment in Da Nang. Central Coast are making a friendly life environment with tons of benefits of residents.

best apartment in da nang

Central Coast has a modern outdoor system. There are swimming pool, gym and playground for kids as well. On the 38th floor, there are bar and coffee shop for you to enjoy the great space ever with amazing view of ocean and mountains. Located on Vo Nguyen Giap street, it takes the spotlight of this area. Your eyesight will be filled by the blue ocean. You only need to walk a few minutes to the beach.

F home – The best apartment in Da Nang with luxurious style

It will be a mistake if mentioning about the best apartment in Da Nang without F Home. It follows Japanese style so that it will bring to you a cozy and comfortable feeling when entering into its space. Each apartment in F Home is designed luxuriously. It is meticulous from the smallest details to the whole space. Every interiors is chosen carefully to make a perfect space as a luxury apartment.

best apartment in da nang

There are many utilities in FHome for you a better life. They are restaurants with the best services to make you feel like home. You can spend time to relax at swimming pool or a mall inside F Home space.

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